This event is full! Thank you for your understanding.


As a condition of receiving the complimentary services, Hosted Buyers are required to attend a minimum of 10 Pre-Scheduled Appointments (PSA) at MICE Business Day.

Cancellation of attendance: Hosted Buyers may cancel their attendance at the event with no penalty on or before 30 September, 2019. Cancellations received after 30 September, 2019 will incur a fee of €300 plus any applicable flight/train cancellation fees. All cancellations must be received by Turizmus Ltd in writing by the dates specified above and acknowledged by Turizmus Ltd.

Replacements: If a Hosted Buyer needs to cancel their participation, they may request that a colleague from their organization attends as a replacement. If the replacement is accepted by Turizmus Ltd., a cancellation fee will not apply.

No Show: Hosted Buyers who do not inform Turizmus Ltd. of their cancellation in the above specified way and do not attend, will have to pay a no show fee of €500.

No show to Appointments: Hosted Buyers are required to attend all of their Pre-Scheduled Appointments as any no-show would negatively affect Exhibitors’ diary. Hosted Buyers reported as no-shows may incur a fee of €50 for each no-show. If Exhibitors report over ten no-shows at Pre-Scheduled Appointments of one Hosted Buyer, the Hosted Buyer will incur a fee of €500 and will not be invited to future MICE Business Day events.

Contact information: The name and e-mail address of Hosted Buyers, making Pre-Scheduled Appointments, will appear in the concerned exhibitor’s online diary; therefore exhibitors may contact hosted buyers already before the event.

As a condition of receiving the complimentary services, Hosted Buyers will be required to to accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the event.