The Caramell Premium Resort **** Superior Conference Center provides everything you need for a professional and safe event in one place. After the professional programs, relaxation and recharging are also guaranteed here.

The venue also plays a key role in the success of conferences, events, year-end corporate gatherings and trainings. Atmosphere, professional technique and quality hospitality are all contribute to important professional events fulfilling their mission and providing a long-term experience for employees and partners. At the Caramell Premium Resort, the enthusiastic and dedicated staff is also a guarantee for the success of events, that are accompanied from the idea to the implementation, thus taking the burden off the shoulders of the customers. The resort has 142 rooms, a conference complex with a capacity of 700 people, three sectional conference rooms, the work is completed by modern technology, natural light and air conditioning. There is an a ’la carte restaurant, bar and bowling alley on the ground floor of the conference room, and business meetings are completed by wellness and thermal services and preventive health treatments. There are quality, unique gastronomic offerings for coffee breaks, standing receptions, planted gala dinners, business breakfasts and outdoor barbecues equally.

The current conference culture has changed a bit. We pay even more attention to each other, to ourselves. The full staff of the hotel strives to carry out corporate events in the safest possible environment. During the furnishing and design of conference rooms and certain venues, we pay special attention to the observance of the appropriate social distance, the establishment of disinfection points, as well as the full observance of the health action plan developed by the hotel.