From board meetings to Mega conferences, from club concerts to international music festivals. Operating worldwide. We, as the team of Visual Europe Group, believe that from the most spectacular shows to the smallest conferences, all tasks need to be performed with the same quality, enthusiasm and expertise.  We have more than 15 years of experience in operating permanent event venues and organising custom events. We’re striving for continuous improvement and renewal, perhaps this is the reason why we’ve become one of the biggest operators in the Central and Easter European event technology market. 

Visual Europe Production’s new business line, Visual Europe Digital Labs plans and implements events imagined by the client using customised digital solutions. 

Our uniquely broad digital portfolio enables us to put together a concept tailored to the client’s needs which supports the purpose of the event with the highest possible efficiency by combining available technologies, whether it is brand communication, a conference, an exhibition or a business event. The client sets the goals and we match them with the most effective solutions.

We are the exclusive technology provider of following venues in CEE region: 

  • Puskás Arena
  • Groupama Arena
  • Castle Bazaar
  • Vigadó
  • BOTANIQ Castle of Tura
  • Budapest Park


Awards and nominations: 

  • Power of Live Events 
  • People Choice Award 1st
  • MVM Zenergia 2020: 
  • Virtual Fundraising Event GOLD


Power Of Live Events: 

  • Conference GOLD
  • B2B Event GOLD
  • Budget Event SILVER
  • Marketing Campaign-Non-for-profit/Government SILVER
  • The Grand Prix – Marketing Campaign SILVER


360 Design Budapest:

  • Virtual Expo GOLD
  • Art Event BRONZE
  • MUSE Creative Awards – 


MVM Future Talks: 

  • Advertising, Magazin AD  PLATINUM
  • Advertising, Online AD GOLD


MVM Edison 2020: 

  • Video, Cinematography GOLD
  • Video, TV Ad Campaign GOLD
  • Conventa Best Event Award – 


MICE Business Day 

  • Best Digital Event Shortlist
  • Business Exellence Award by Business Traveller 


Power of Live Events

  • CSR Special Award